We Live For Tomorrow

Work in progress. A new visionary playground that will look at how art can be used to heal and transform. Created as part of our 2014-2015 LABA Fellowship. With We Live For Tomorrow, we work towards conflict resolution, healing and social transformation by creating beautiful aesthetic artworks, based on shrapnel (bullets and metal-scraps) removed from Omer’s body, after he was the target of a suicide bombing in 2000.

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Making Love: Poetry In Motion

Making Love: Poetry In Motion is a living net artwork, that pulls tweets about love and compose an endless love poem in real time. Making Love: Poetry In Motion is a 2015 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., for its Turbulence.org website. It was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation. There is a

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In CLOSE UP, the technology meets live performing arts. The elaborate high-tech setup (consisting of OMTA-coded custom software, motion sensors, multiple cameras around the space and large-scale interactive projections that encompass the audience) is a backbone of what eventually becomes a celebration of sensual presence. Unlike other immersive works seen in NYC recently, this one is not limited by a specific space marked by history nor connected to a single, linear narrative. Open-ended and unscripted, CLOSE UP is all about possibilities. The sensory input is there to allow the audience to experience the space, the dancers, the visuals, the music, the chatter of the crowd – and eventually, the groove of their own bodies.

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Amidst the rubble where the Towers stood, two college students form an unlikely friendship during their days working clearing debris. They grew up in different worlds, one Palestinian-American and the other an Israeli immigrant. The young men are able to bond over their shared outsider status over here, especially in the wake of 9/11, but

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Charmin Ultra - The Hive NYC
the night watcher

The Nightwatcher

Our video composition in the collaboration has been created in realtime with a custom software we created with max/msp/jitter. The software allows us to improvise live at the event and perform with video and animation that we match to the sound.

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22.5" * 15" Flatbed print on acrylic

A Figment Of The Imagination

A Figment Of The Imagination is an open-ended experiment with visual and technological poetry. Children often use narratives or pretend play in order to exercise their imagination. When children develop fantasy they play at two levels: first, they use role playing to act out what they have developed with their imagination, and at the second

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Two Jerusalems, perhaps more. One Wall crosses life and divides people.
The work Jerusalems contains the notion of a crossroads as well as the notion of a route. Seemingly, the video documents a road trip between two very different Jerusalems, but in fact, it documents a project called Walls Between Us, which aims at encouraging a dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis though common social creation.

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Add FooGallery   ARTENIGMA-80 is an interdisciplinary interactive installation commissioned by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for its 80th celebration. Art-Enigma – An innovative, primary, and enticing interactive riddle-art, new term in the art world, coined by Dan Chamitzer and Dr. Doron J. Lurie, senior curator in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. The

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rolling (2)


An interactive installation, real time video mapping on a wooden wheel with plastic cover, Metal cone, 2 webcams, mac mini, video projector, custom software. Commissioned by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of the exhibition “Art Any-Way” Nov 2012 – Oct 2013.

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Tel Aviv by bike

“Tel Aviv by bike is an interactive installation, inviting the visitors to the exhibition to experience riding the bicycle routes around the city of Tel-Aviv, that represent the diverse streets / landmarks. We go on a bike ride around the city, looking around, sipping distances, and absorb its beauty. Experience varies when out on a

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Live Cubism – Homage

Testing Tools #9 Multidisciplinary art festival was held in Beit Tami, a community center in Sheinkin st. in Tel Aviv, Israel. Curtor: Carmit Blumensohn. The installation was created with max/msp/jitter and the setup included a webcam, 32″ screen hanged vertically, and a computer. The viewers saw themselves transforming into a cubistic style video, and when

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"Plant A Comment", "שיח גלריה", OMTA, Omer & Tal Golan

Plant a Comment

“Plant a Comment” is a 3D world in which thoughts grow into trees that are made of texts, written expressions of thoughts and opinions, which get analyzed semantically and accordingly form trees. In this ever-changing world, visitors can move around and see the popularity of concepts that where shared by crowd sourcing. In this work

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"Time, Space" : real time video installation, OMTA

Time, Space

Time, Space is a real time video installation that was created for the exhibition ‘Certified Copy’ of  “Holiday of the Holidays” in Wadi Nisnas in Haifa 2011, curated by Yeala Hazut. The video installation “Time and Space” documents the events taking place along the Wadi Street in different points in time, processing them into fragments juxtaposed on the

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Tal Golan In Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in front of "Between You & Me"

Between You & Me

  Between You And Me is a real time interactive video installation. Visitors are presented with a video-painting that depicts the previous observer’s portrait. While looking at the portrait it slowly transforms to the viewer’s own portrait. This work rethinks identity and questions the need for self-affirmation through the other. The work exploits the viewer’s

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Facelook @ an interactive exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

A Man In The Wall

Man In The Wall is a collage made in realtime from pictures of the visitors at the exhibition, taken automatically when the enter the gallery hall. The collage is projected on a wall covered with heavy concrete texture that adds volume to the projection. This installation was created especially for Facelook, an interactive exhibition at

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Museum-jERUSALEM (Medium)

Future of Religion

Digital Art project. “Future of Religion” series depict religious sites & symbols, mostly from Jerusalem, placed inside huge glass aquariums isolated in big empty museum halls. The idea of this project is to retire religion and its symbols and relics from everyday use and exhibit them as “a thing from the past” in dedicated theology

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From Masks installation

Masks Installation

This installation offers a playful experience for the viewers who are invited to form shapes as they pleased with rectangle cards (the artists’ business cards) placed upon a light table. Moving and placing the cards they reveal scenes from real time video taken at the venue. These active viewers-participants are forming and controlling the video

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"Live Impressionism", art by Tal & Omer Golan, omta

Live Impressionism

New-media homage to the 19th century Impressionist art movement. Impressionism is considered by many as the start of modernism in art. Derived from directobservation, impressionism offered a way of drawing directly, without preliminary sketches or techniques. Impossible to earlier artists, new media tools allow us to create the ultimate impressionism, Rather than seize the moment,

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Talk To Me

Audio/Video Installation Normally when one faces an art piece, especially a/v artworks that invite the viewer to wear headphones, he falls silent in order to concentrate and view the work. When one experiences ‘Talk To Me’, this is not the case, because it is not an ordinary video-art installation. ‘Talk To Me’ asks the viewer

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Non-Linear Creation

Non-Linear Video Shuffling in Real Time This installation is based on a live camera input— a video camera is mounted and secured above a video screen/projection, it is not site-specific and can be reproduced in different situations. The thought behind “Non-Linear Creation” is to think about video as some sort of a “streaming deck of

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Reality Youtube

Collaboration with Secret Artist Hacking the opening evening of the exhibition “More Real Than Life” at the Curatorial Studies Gallery at the Tel Aviv Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) GUERRILLA style. In this installation, long before Google developed live content in YouTube, we embedded a live video feed in a YouTube layout, thus creating an

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"Day At Shefer", at Shefer Cafe, OMTA, Omer & Tal Golan

Day at Shefer

‘Day at Shefer’ is a video filmed entirely in one shot. A video camera that was connected to a laptop captured close to 24 hours of video at Cafe Shefer, near the Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv. We compressed these 24 hours to a 45 minutes video (with time remapping). Then we divided the

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"Impressionist Afternoon" homage to impressionism - omta - Tal & Omer Golan

Impressionist Afternoon

Impressionist Afternoon video painting. 6 hours from “Day at Shefer” video compressed into 02:25 minutes. Video from Shefer Cafe in South Tel Aviv, Israel. Inspired by Impressionism and the Famous Cafes of Paris in the 19th century, particularly Maxim’s de Paris, Cafe des Ambassadeurs, and Follies Bergere. It is particularly important to realize what was

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"Fragments", interactive video by OMTA, Tal & Omer Golan

Time Fragments

Time Fragments is a dynamic interactive artwork that reflects the occurrence infront of it, and changes time. The video representation is full of movement that is matched in real time to either the beat of the work itself – that it creates using a random metronome and random sounds from its own sound library, or to the beat of sounds that the

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01:28 – Video Art with Sound Collage

Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum.
(To such heights of evil are men driven by religion.)

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