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01:28 – Video Art with Sound Collage

Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum.
(To such heights of evil are men driven by religion.)

‘Religion’ is based on a language text corpus containing about 140,000 words. With Cycling74’s Max/Msp/Jitter, I created a virtual canvas for my video that is covered with random text from the corpus. This canvas was then used to mask a clip of animation that I’ve prepared for that purpose, allowing only text to appear where pixels in the original animation were moving. My goal was to give the entire clip random text textures that are aesthetic, recognizable yet unreadable.

In ‘Religion’ there is no synopsis, there is only escapism, the text, the subtext, both are moving too fast, they cannot be read, nor can they be understood by anyone. Religions are a threat to our society. Religion is deterministic. No gray areas. No sense of humor. Religion is to escape, to hide, to run. You can scream, you can shout, but there is no real escape, no reality without being. Like a fly on the wall, you can just be.

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omta: OMTA are Tal & Omer Golan, contemporary new-media and visual artists duo. OMTA have exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in festivals, galleries and museums worldwide. Many of their artworks were commissioned by private collectors and institutions, like the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Bank Leumi in Israel. OMTA are presently living in NYC and are immersed in generating multiple forms of digital arts, while exploring innovative and transformative ideas in art, technology and society.


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