"Fragments", interactive video by OMTA, Tal & Omer Golan

Time Fragments

Time Fragments is a dynamic interactive artwork that reflects the occurrence infront of it, and changes time.
The video representation is full of movement that is matched in real time to either the beat of the work itself – that it creates using a random metronome and random sounds from its own sound library, or to the beat of sounds that the work “hears” via microphone or line-in.
This dynamic shifts of movement according to the beat, is actually a change in the linear order of the frames. The art piece rearranges the order of frames that is played, taken from live video input, from a camera that is positioned close to the projection area or screen, in a way that the viewers can recognize themselves in the video but they are presented in a clip with different inner rhythm.
This unique experience entertains the viewers in a play like manner, and usually makes them experiment with their own body movement, to see which random changes will occur.