Tal Golan In Tel Aviv Museum of Art, in front of "Between You & Me"

Between You & Me


Between You And Me is a real time interactive video installation. Visitors are presented with a video-painting that depicts the previous observer’s portrait. While looking at the portrait it slowly transforms to the viewer’s own portrait. This work rethinks identity and questions the need for self-affirmation through the other. The work exploits the viewer’s recognition and ironically underlines how often we sink into our own image to the extent that we lose the sense of self. The viewer becomes a performer, being presented as the subject of a large scale video projection in a public space. In this sense it also addresses concerns around distorted sense of fame in face of the loss of privacy which is willingly forgotten in favour of a new FB profile picture.

This installation was created especially for Facelook, an interactive exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, curated by Sara Raiman Shor.
The exhibition will run until October 2012.

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