GLOBES – Israeli business daily newspaper. 5-13-2012.


By: Hagit Rotem-Peleg
Among the projects that will be exhibited, I recommend taking an extra moment at the “Conversation Gallery” (translator’s note: the Hebrew word conversation also means bush) that Tal and Omer Golan created—a couple in life and in art. The couple began their artistic path in the Netherlands and two years ago, they returned to Israel. Since then, they have been strengthening their presence in the field with works based on interaction with the audience and on crowdsourcing. With the “Conversation Gallery”—in English called “Plant a Comment”—they have created a virtual garden: words create bushes, sentences create trees, the grass fields convey entire conversations and the birds fly from one branch to another and twitter what Twitter surfers have communicated. The visitors of the exhibition provide the content for the work of art—they send text messages and upload comments in response to the art that they see.