"Live Impressionism", art by Tal & Omer Golan, omta

Live Impressionism

New-media homage to the 19th century Impressionist art movement. Impressionism is considered by many as the start of modernism in art. Derived from directobservation, impressionism offered a way of drawing directly, without preliminary sketches or techniques. Impossible to earlier artists, new media tools allow us to create the ultimate impressionism, Rather than seize the moment, we perceive every moment – and represent it in real time.
Live Impressionism displays real time video footage. After processing the video and applying manipulations which give the picture quality of color and ambient typical of the impressionist paintings, the video is streamed to a screen. In the spirit of the discourse of famous impressionist artists gathered in Parisian cafes, subtitle text of transcribed conversation between the artist and a viewer engaged in the work are displayed. The work offers a representation of any given moment, but does not record nor keep it. Since the viewer is the subject of the art piece it has noexistence without his presence. Live Impressionism in this respect is a uniqueperformance art that centers on the spectators.