Non-Linear Creation

Non-Linear Video Shuffling in Real Time

This installation is based on a live camera input— a video camera is mounted and secured above a video screen/projection, it is not site-specific and can be reproduced in different situations.

The thought behind “Non-Linear Creation” is to think about video as some sort of a “streaming deck of cards” which I shuffle again and again in real time. I collect in a memory buffer the latest 60 cards/video frames, shuffle them and play the outcome in 30 frames per second. The result is a video in which the viewer is in constant, unnatural, flickering present, as it is reflected in the video.

People always ask, “What is the difference between non-linearity and randomness?” Non-linearity describes a project that has freedom with certain constraints, whereas randomness has freedom and no boundaries whatsoever. Non-linear Creation requires the participation of an audience to reveal its non-linearity while random art, more or less, acts on its own.

Here’s a short clip of ‘Non-Linear Creation’ video installation @Art Attack – Fresh Paint 3.

Fresh Paint 3 took place on May 5–8, 2010, in Old Jaffa Port.