Reality Youtube

Collaboration with Secret Artist

Hacking the opening evening of the exhibition “More Real Than Life” at the Curatorial Studies Gallery at the Tel Aviv Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) GUERRILLA style.

In this installation, long before Google developed live content in YouTube, we embedded a live video feed in a YouTube layout, thus creating an image of a prerecorded present. The difference between reality and non-reality was blurred until it was gone. Many people believed that they were being broadcast to YouTube in real-time and that they had more than a million viewers watching them!

We arrived at the CCA in Tel Aviv about an hour before the opening together with Secret Artist (google him). We asked a nice elderly couple who lives across the street from the gallery to plug into their electricity inlet and then we setup our “command center” outside their home.
Our “command center” included a really great projector (high res – thanks to Yaniv Eidelstein), a small coffee table on which we stacked my macbook pro laptop, a video camera and a chair. By the time people started to arrive to exhibition we were ready with our intervention-installation, that we called “Really More Real Than Life”, and was connected to the “More Real Than Life” original concept that explored the blurred line between what is real and what is virtual.