"Time, Space" : real time video installation, OMTA

Time, Space

Time, Space is a real time video installation that was created for the exhibition ‘Certified Copy’ of  “Holiday of the Holidays” in Wadi Nisnas in Haifa 2011, curated by Yeala Hazut.

The video installation “Time and Space” documents the events taking place along the
Wadi Street in different points in time, processing them into fragments juxtaposed on
the monitor. The ensuing image unifies a non linear timeline through a random editing of
the last 24 hours. In addition to the documentary dimension, the work also possesses a
deceptive aspect resulting from the deconstruction and restructuring of a dynamic image
that simultaneously holds past and present, as well as the constant slippage between the
street and its digital image.

The work explores the human conduct in space involved with the individual’s degree of
identification – whether as a resident or a visitor – with the language of the space, which
stems from the amalgam of architecture, history and memory. The connection between
human behavior and the space shapes the communal identity and the identity of the space
itself, identities that constantly reflect one another, in the understanding that man cannot
identify himself with a space that has no context.

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