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ARTENIGMA-80 is an interdisciplinary interactive installation commissioned by the Tel Aviv Museum of Art for its 80th celebration.

2013-04-18 13.48.34

Art-Enigma – An innovative, primary, and enticing interactive riddle-art, new term in the art world, coined by Dan Chamitzer and Dr. Doron J. Lurie, senior curator in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.
The installation is the only occurrence of the Tel Aviv Museum of art to mark its 80 years.
Engaged in work – 80 characters chosen to represent the gigantic endeavor eighty years of the museum – figures that were incorporated into the work represent the success of all types of museum partners: artists, managers, employees, donors, friends…
The purpose of the work is beyond its artistic value, is moving visitors into the rich history of the museum (necessary to crack the riddle).

The project is a collaboration between:
Dan Chamitzer – initiated the project and wrote the riddle
Tal & Omer Golan – visual and interactive art, programming, electronics
Dr. Doron J. Lurie – curator
Dan Karavan – donated the prize piece.