Video Artwork (07:10 Minutes)

Two Jerusalems, perhaps more. One Wall crosses life and divides people.
The work Jerusalems contains the notion of a crossroads as well as the notion of a route. Seemingly, the video documents a road trip between two very different Jerusalems, but in fact, it documents a project called Walls Between Us, which aims at encouraging a dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis though common social creation. In the framework of the project musicians are invited to play together in an event that will take place on on both sides of the Separation Wall in Jerusalem, while they can see and hear one another through “a gap” the artists will open in the concrete wall using video projections. Throughout the attempts of executing the project the artists come across opposing views and obstruction, a result of the cultural boycott, which thwart their efforts to accomplish the project. The work traces the long way and feelings of frustration alongside their drive to realize their vision.

Stills excerpts:

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