Tel Aviv by bike

“Tel Aviv by bike is an interactive installation, inviting the visitors to the exhibition to experience riding the bicycle routes around the city of Tel-Aviv, that represent the diverse streets / landmarks. We go on a bike ride around the city, looking around, sipping distances, and absorb its beauty. Experience varies when out on a new journey, a different place and its distinctive feel. The rider breaks “out” the  museum halls by riding the bikes. While he (the viewer) pushes the handlebars to the right or left he is exposed to other parts  of the place he rides, as he looks at his sides during the ride itself”.

It is, therefore, an imaginary trip around Tel Aviv exists as a result of the operation of human physical energy translates electrical activity that allows the viewer to see with his own eyes the way the picture.

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About the author

omta: OMTA are Tal & Omer Golan, contemporary new-media and visual artists duo. OMTA have exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in festivals, galleries and museums worldwide. Many of their artworks were commissioned by private collectors and institutions, like the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Bank Leumi in Israel. OMTA are presently living in NYC and are immersed in generating multiple forms of digital arts, while exploring innovative and transformative ideas in art, technology and society.


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