The Nightwatcher

Video and animation realtime composition, accompanying a new piece by Nadav Lev, featuring singer Re’ut Ben-Ze’ev, composer & sound artist Guy Barash. We did the visual design and video projection.
A production of LABA: House of Study, a laboratory for Jewish culture. Performed at the 14street Y theater, Manhattan, NYC, 25 January 2014.

“Shomeret Layla” (The Nightwatcher) by Nadav Lev
A new composition featuring the female voice, electric guitar and live electronics

Lev composed a nocturnal musical journey that explores experiences and memories from his kibbutz childhood. Each week a different woman in the kibbutz would take on the job of shomeret layla, or the woman in charge of overseeing the communal nursery at night. This piece chronicles the encounter between the shomeret and an awoken child who is not hers.

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Our video composition in the collaboration has been created in realtime with a custom software we created with max/msp/jitter. The software allows us to improvise live at the event and perform with video and animation that we match to the sound.

Performed 30 June 2014.

Performed 25 January 2014.