"Plant A Comment", "שיח גלריה", OMTA, Omer & Tal Golan

Plant a Comment

“Plant a Comment” is a 3D world in which thoughts grow into trees that are made of texts, written expressions of thoughts and opinions, which get analyzed semantically and accordingly form trees. In this ever-changing world, visitors can move around and see the popularity of concepts that where shared by crowd sourcing.

In this work we created an alternative platform for social-media. The aesthetic aspect of this work highlights the importance of interface design in camouflaging choices regarding the readability of the text presented to the viewer. The responsiveness of the work, and the viewer’s reflection present both serve the same mechanism of aesthetic censorship.

Plant a Comment is now (2013) part of a permanent exhibition at The Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem.

We invite you to participate in “Plant a Comment”:

“Plant a Comment” is the first artwork in the world to be presented on Google’s Liquid Galaxy.

Have something to say about art?
Plant your comment and watch it grow:

  • send a text message to: +972 (0) 3-7440066 (at a standard cost)
  • or go to plantacomment.com and plant your message there.

“Plant a Comment” is a product of interdisciplinary collaboration between us, Omer & Tal Golan, Yuval Adam, Nir Ofek, and Nir Danan (music). The result of that collaboration is a crowd-sourced interactive net-art.

plant a comment | שיח גלריה

“Plant a Comment” was first exposed on Fresh Paint 5 Art Fair, that took place 15-19 May 2012, in Tel Aviv, Israel.


שיח גלריה בעיתון גלובס שיח גלריה בעיתון הארץ

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