Talk To Me

March 19, 2012 / Artworks, new-media art / 0 Comments /

Audio/Video Installation

Normally when one faces an art piece, especially a/v artworks that invite the viewer to wear headphones, he falls silent in order to concentrate and view the work. When one experiences ‘Talk To Me’, this is not the case, because it is not an ordinary video-art installation. ‘Talk To Me’ asks the viewer to interact. No longer passive, the viewer is expected (without being told) to use his voice as a motor for the video. The video will not play without the viewers’ voice. The installation needs speech input from the viewer to be able to play the video frames and soundtrack forward.
The Setup:
The installation uses the following equipment: Video screen or projection, several headphones, headphones hub (used to connect several headphones to the same source), covert microphone, mac computer/laptop, custom software.

About the author

omta: OMTA are Tal & Omer Golan, contemporary new-media and visual artists duo. OMTA have exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in festivals, galleries and museums worldwide. Many of their artworks were commissioned by private collectors and institutions, like the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and Bank Leumi in Israel. OMTA are presently living in NYC and are immersed in generating multiple forms of digital arts, while exploring innovative and transformative ideas in art, technology and society.


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